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July 30 2017

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if you think I won’t adopt all of them u’re wrong.





why does all hamilton fanart have that weird faux steven universe style

I’m shitting my pants

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Broken claw machine.

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ygo69min prompts ^_^..





Your super power is that you are average, at everything you do.

no, no- imagine how amazing this would be! you’re average- but the key here is at EVERYTHING you try and do

try and get the cure to cancer? well, aint a fingers snap and done cure but its a cure. doctors worldwide are astounded

try and learn how to communicate with an alien race? well, youre not fluent but its passing and humanity hasnt even invented deep space flight- you just managed to get their signal and have a chat

want to fly? well- youre a bit wobbly but goddamn its working

being average at everything is amazing bc if we assume anything you try works then eveything is at least working a bit

Jack of all trades, master of none, better than a master of one


OK seriously




I can understand homophobia - sure, you’re a shitty person, but I can understand your angle on it. You’re scared that someone is gonna force themselves on you and be uncomfortable. Which is, albeit how shitty, understandable. (Note I am the first to say how shitty this is and I am not attempting to normalise homo hate or whatever)

What I don’t understand is aphobia. I mean, what are we gonna do, not screw you? Uh… breathe too loudly? Steal your dragon and ride it into the sunset? Have happy and healthy relationships?

this is honest to god one of the most homophobic posts i’ve ever seen in the ace discourse. y’all are really just so fucking nasty. you took two paragraphs when you could’ve just saved time and space to say “i hate gay people”

Except that’s not even remotely what the op fucking said?? They didn’t say that homophobia is okay, they said that they understand what the homophobes perspective is. Gosh, tumblr, always with the black and white

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Offically my new favorite Disney villain

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I love how easy was to do this subtle dry marble nails. I did my 10 fingernails in not time. I used some polishes from @hbbeautybar

Products I used

Glamour Matt
XL clear stamper and scraper

Suzuki without a paddle

Highlight of my summer

Oh my gauche

HK Girl Top Coat ✨✨✨✨

July 15 2017

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Oh… it’s you.

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Why don’t any pet pigs come through my drive thru 😭😭



Y'know I never realized until now, well, until people started pointing it out, until I started to get into fandoms, such as overwatch, Voltron, and the last season of Samurai Jack, about how some are so hellbent on having all the characters be “ family” , meaning someone has to be the dad or the mom to the group, and everyone’s siblings, not biologically speaking, even canonically they don’t treat each in a that sort of sense. 

 It’s gotten to point where it’s just sort of creepy how people are so obsessed with this keeping safe and wholesome for the children thing, for instance, when Jashi was starting become a thing, mind you some, started loosing their minds, because they kept insistent that Jack was Ashi’s father despite not having any proof that was the case, or they acted like Jack and Ashi had  this deep paternal relationship despite Jack not seeing her, nor treating her in that sense, in end looking back on it now, it was obvious from the small hints, that their relationship was going to be romantic, but it don’t stop there, because it just its creepier  when they kept trying infantize Ashi, and making her out to be “ wee, little helpless baby” Despite being a trained assassin that annihilated an entire army with her own bare fists. 

And that leads to Overwatch with the constant, Germlin children, infantizing characters or someone’s the dad, mom thing. 

 Dva is grown, adult woman.Sombra is not an innocent , helpless baby, she’s 30 year old woman in league with a freaking ,terrorist organization, and Jesse is grown freaking man who dresses like a cowboy. 

Speaking of which, Shiro is not team voltron’s dad, Allura is not anyone’s space mom or whatever. They all time with a common goal in mind but I digress. 

In short, not everything is fiction has to be My little pony: Friendship is magic, if you want everything to be good wholesome content, where nothing bad happens, then watch the toddler channel on your local cable network .



i remember that phase of tumblr where the main form of communication was reaction images like you were encouraged to have a huge folder of them and reply with gifs to everything that was the site culture

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why is this crab so cute

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